Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is the the new Apple Tablet marketing vid?

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Could this be the upcoming Apple Tablet?

The video looks like much effort went into it..

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Look Ma, No Strings" The Misa Digital Guitar

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This is a cool guitar. No strings

Misa Digital Guitar comes without any string. It is a Linux-powered MIDI controller that comes with 24 frets and a multi-functions touch display. Watch the demo after the break.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cut along dotted line around my neck gadget

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This innovative and attention seeking gadget will introduce a "cut along dotted line" to your neck and wrist!


Punctirus Jewelry

Punctirus Jewelry

Punctirus Jewelry

Via 2DayBlog: Punctirus Jewelry:
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Pepwave Surf Mini to tackle WIFI inadequacies

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Nice little gadget if your existing wifi signal is too weak for your big house.

Pepwave Surf Mini to tackle WIFI inadequacies: "Pepwave has a little nifty gadget, aka Pepwave Surf Mini, that can do many wireless mini-miracles...

For US$99 MSRP, it can (** see below for applications summary diagram)

1) Act as an independent access point to add wireless connectivity to your network

2) Act as a repeater to re-broadcast existing wifi signal, increasing coverage and reliability

3) Act as a Wifi dongle to industrial devices with only Ethernet connectivity


Last but not least, it has the option of adding high gain external antennas to the device. And this feature allows for long distance point to point connections to be made with 2 x US$99 Pepwave Surf Mini. There are some real-life references of up to 0.75 of a mile by means of 15 dB antennas on both sides.

Now imagine what a 23dB panel antenna could do..

Read more at Genghis Kent's blog or buy one at

More product specifications here at

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

HD3 Complicated Black Pearl Watch

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Looks more complicated than James Bond watches from "Q".

All I need is a watch that tells time.

HD3 Complicated Black Pearl Watch: Pirate-Inspired, Costs Plenty of Booty [Watches]: "
'Excuse me, sir, but do you have the time?' 'Why yes, yes I do.' 'Well, what is it then?' 'Menacing.'
Anyway, that's how I see that conversation going down if, by some slim chance in the near future, I'm wearing this $400,000 watch and some curious chap asks me for the time. I'd be wearing an eye patch while drunk, if that helps you visualize the encounter any better.

Designed by Fabrice Gonet, the Black Pearl is a limited run timepiece that includes a number of subtle pirate-themed additions, including the prerequisite skull and bones (etched in glass on the back), a tiny cannon, and some nautical navigation touches. Then there's the fact that it costs as much as some pirate's treasure...

There were only eleven made, each with the aforementioned $400,000 asking price. [FLYLYF via technabob]

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This Medieval Steel Gauntlet packs a PUNCH

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These gloves pack a punch..... literally!!

Medieval Steel Gauntlet: "

Medieval Steel Gauntlet

The Medieval Steel Gauntlets are completely hand crafted from steel and feature a mirror chrome zinc alloy finish. Metal riveted construction, interior leather finger loops and one size fits all. Available at $59.99.

Medieval Steel Gauntlet

Medieval Steel Gauntlet

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ASUS EeeBox Nettop PC now updated with Blu-Ray Drive

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Fast 3D and video graphics processor, HDMI, low powered and now coupled with a Blu-ray drive..

Asus is set to compete head to head to Asrock (also including the Blu-ray drive on their Atom Ion nettop) on this setup..

ASUS EeeBox EB1501 Nettop PC With Blu-Ray Drive:

ASUS has recently introduced an updated version of its EeeBox EB1501 Nettop PC series that comes with Blu-ray drive. However, the rest of the specs remain unchanged as the older model, you’ll find a 1.6GHz Intel Atom 330 dual-core processor, an integrated nVidia GeForce 9400 graphics card, a 2GB RAM, a 320GB hard drive, an HDMI port, a D-Sub port and Windows 7 Home Premium OS. The EeeBox EB1501 will hit Europe starting next week for 426 Euro (about $620). [Product Page]
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Home and Enter Keys Doormats

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Not a technical gadget but it will sure let visitors know you are one gadget freak!

Home and Enter Keys Doormats:

What better way to welcome a geek home than these doormats that look like the Home and Enter keys?

From the Neatorama Shop: Link
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jaybird SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones [ Jabra Clone ]?

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Jaybird's SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones : "

Jaybird SB1 Headset

Very sleek bluetooth stereo headset from JayBird, a renowned BT audio headset manufacturer.
Available now for $89, which includes call and Skype support.

[Jaybird via Engadget]

Can't help but notice how similar it looks to the Jabra Halo headset. See below for picture.

Jabra Halo Headset

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Project a touchscreen!

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Light Blue Optics has a new sexy product that is able to project a small touchable screen onto any surface and allows user interactivity with the projected image.

Branded as the Light Touch, it is capable of projecting a 10.1 inch screen and the projected image is also a virtual touchscreen.

This product is vaguely similar to the I.Tech Virtual Keyboard but instead of just projecting a virtual keyboard, this Light Touch projects the entire screen instead.

See the video demo at CES 2010

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True “Plug-in” Linux Appliance from Marvell!

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True “Plug-in” Linux Appliance from Marvell!: "
If only they can pack in a HDMI port… this little baby will be flawless!

2.0 GHz Arm-based processor

Wifi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, Mini-USB port and “Ready to download” Linux 2.6 SDK for developers.
Low power, low price, small form factor
No messy power cables, plug direct to the mains!

Source :

Other links of same product news
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Green-House Cork USB Memory

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Love this gadget for the potential pun whenever someone requires a thumbdrive.

"Would you like to use my cork instead? Since you need some plugging in?"

Green-House Cork USB Memory:
Green-House Cork USB Memory

The Green-House Cork USB memory is a perfect new year’s gift for your colleagues. The device comes equipped with a 2GB of storage space, which is enough to store document files. If you want one, you can buy the Green-House Cork USB memory from GeekStuff4U. [Green-House]
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Converse shoes shanzhai’d and re-invented

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Original Article Source :Freaky Friday: Converse shoes shanzhai’d and then some:

Gotta love shanzhai innovation!

Marquis Mills Converse, who was previously a respected manager at a footwear manufacturing firm, opened the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, Massachusetts in 1908. The company's main turning point came in 1917 when the Converse All-Star basketball shoe was introduced. What he couldn’t have imagined then was that one day more than 80 years later his shoe designs would be so iconic that they would get the shanzai treatment.

Shanzhai : meaning cheap knockoff from China, imitating some popular brands without infringing copyrights and patents... 

Gotta respect the fact that the Shanzhai manufacturers are getting more innovative.

eg, Adidas is aptly named Abibas for Shanzhai sportswear.
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thumbthing gadget for reading paperback books!

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I am an avid reader of the conventional "pulp paper" fiction. (i.e. I like to hold a novel in my hand and flip the pages until I finish reading.)
The gadget below is very useful for conventional readers like myself whom doesn't like the idea of an e-reader.

Thumbthing Uthful for Readerth: "

Known as the "Thumbthing", it only costs $4. My bet is that, it should cost more than zero cents to recycle some recyclable plastics to do the same job

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